Member Insurance

Private Plumbing Insurance 

The PTEU has secured Private Plumbing Insurance for the year 2015/2016. The premium for the cover this year is $90.00.  To be eligible for this insurance you must be a full and financial member of the PTEU for the full term of the policy, you must also be registered with the Victorian Building Authority.

The policy starts on the 1st September 2015 and expires at 4.00 pm on the 31st of August 2016. The insurance covers all members who are working on their own homes or for immediate family, for which no monetary fee is charged or received

You are allowed to do 6 jobs a year under this policy, and by law you must have the insurance for 5 continual years

Insurance Form:

Please fill out the attached application and forward to 52 Victoria Street Carlton South 3053, along with a cheque for $90.00 made payable to CEPU Plumbing Division, or fill out Credit/Debit Card Details.  Please allow 7 business days for processing.

Please note:

It is your responsibility to keep your Plumbing Registration with the VBA current and up to date. For all enquiries please contact 1300 815 127.

Compliance forms are attainable from the Victorian Building Authority at 733 Bourke Street Melbourne, 3000.

Click here to download your Private Plumbing Insurance Form.

Income Protection and Trauma Insurance

Leisure Time Illness/WorkCover Top-Up/TAC Top up and Workplace Death and Trauma Benefits known as Income Protection and Trauma Insurance (IPT) provides a range of insurance covers, to workers where a worker suffers an illness, a workplace accident or a motor vehicle accident whilst in direct travel to and from work. While an employer is making the agreed IPT contribution payments, the employee will receive insurance cover for Leisure Time Illness, WorkCover Top-Up, Workplace Death and Trauma and TAC Top-Up

 *IPT Insurance provides cover for the following benefits:

  • Weekly benefits for up to three years for a worker suffering from an illness (where a workers is under 65 years old).
  • Top-up payments for workers suffering an injury whilst in direct travel to and from work, which is covered by the statutory transport accident scheme.
  • Top up payments for workers suffering a workplace injury which is covered by a statutory workers compensation scheme. Top up payments will be considered from the 53rd week of disablement whilst a worker is receiving workcover payments.
  • Lump-sum capital benefits for workplace injury, resulting in death or permanent total disablement.
  • Child care benefit, following a workplace death for a worker with dependants, to a maximum $30,000.
  • This is only available where the employer pays the weekly IPT contribution on the employees behalf.

Click Here To See The IPT Benefits Table.